Crochet Reversible Swiffer Cover

March 24, 2014

I’m all about crocheting useful things, so this sweeper cover was up my alley. I love my Swiffer, and I do buy the cloths, but I prefer to use this cover on my wood floors. When you’re finished, give it a shake outside and then toss it in the laundry. I recommend hanging it to dry rather than putting it in the dryer.

Here’s the loopy side. I didn’t take a photo, but you can turn it inside out to use the smooth side.

Crochet Swiffer Cover - front

Here’s how it slips on to the sweeper.

Crochet Swiffer Cover - back

The pattern shows how to make this using two colors, but I wanted to use up this yarn, so I stuck with just one color. The bright green is the perfect thing to brighten up a cleaning session!

Pattern notes

  • The free pattern is available here on CraftStylish.
  • The pattern starts out working in rows to create a rectangle with alternating rows of double crochet and loops (4 chains and a slip stitch). Next, the pattern switches to working in the round to create the part that holds the cover onto the sweeper head. The photos at the bottom of the pattern are helpful.
  • If you have a different brand of sweeper, you might need a different size rectangle. Finished size will depend on the yarn you use and your gauge, so check along the way to make sure the rectangle will be a little smaller than your sweeper head.
  • I was confused by the instructions for round 3 (this is when you’re working in the round, after finishing the rows). Here’s how I would explain it: on the long sides, sc 7 and then decrease in the next 2 sc; repeat until you’re 2 stitches from the corner. On the short sides, starting two stitches before the corner, decrease in the next 2 sc; repeat until you’re 2 stitches past the corner. So, you’re decreasing a little bit on the long sides and a lot on the short sides. Round 4 works the same way, but you sc 6 before decreasing on the long sides.


  1. This is brilliant.

  2. Reblogged this on UK Crochet Patterns.

  3. I usually just use washcloths on my swiffer (they fit pretty well and they’re washable). However this looks like it will work better at getting the wood floors polished. I’m gonna try it.

    • I like the washcloth idea!

  4. Oh my! Love love love this! Must make one…or two, or three.

  5. I love this! Such a great idea and it looks cool too.

  6. This is freaking life-changing. Love this.

  7. Yes! I have been wanting to crochet a reusable cloth for my Swiffer instead of spending all that money buying new pads all the time!

  8. Reblogged this on darthmummy and commented:
    This is such a great idea. I have an old-fashioned dust mop that needs one of these.

  9. I love this idea! Makes me wish I knew how to crochet….

  10. Oh my gosh, this is genius. I use my swiffer all the time, and constantly feel guilty about it because it feels so wasteful. Time to convince a crocheting friend to make me one! 🙂

  11. This is a neat idea!

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