Crochet Petite Scarf

November 20, 2013

Here’s a crochet scarf for that in-between weather when it’s chilly but not quite deep-freeze weather. It’s quick to make because it’s not very long, plus it’s worked with a size N hook, which is large. The flower is made separately and sewn on.


Note the button on the left side – quite a few people commented on the pattern saying that there were no instructions for fastening the scarf. Some people added a button and buttoned it through the center of the flower. I decided to keep the button behind-the-scenes. I thought I’d be able to fasten the button through the back of the scarf behind the flower, but that didn’t work too well. Instead, I made a short chain that I tied on as a loop behind the flower.


Here’s a close-up that hopefully shows what’s going on. The loop fits over the button and secures the scarf, but the button and loop aren’t visible.


Project notes:

  • The scarf pattern is Petite Scarf from Lion Brand Yarn. The pattern is free, but you may need to log in to access it.
  • Instead of the flower that’s part of the pattern, I made the flower from an ear wrap I had just finished making. I liked the flower so much, I thought I’d use that one instead.  It goes great with the scarf and is just the right size.


  1. So pretty! I love the pink color!!

  2. Like the idea of a petite scarf …something between a scarf and a cowl. Might make one 🙂

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