Sangria: not just for summer!

November 8, 2011

I had a thing for sangria this summer. I bought bottles of it from the liquor store and enjoyed it poured over ice. I ordered it at several different restaurants. Always different, always good. Then I saw the Pioneer Woman make a huge jug of it on her tv show and I decided to give her recipe a try.

Oh my. So, so tasty. My husband declared the bottled sangria “lame” after tasting this version. I declared the wine-soaked fruit to be a delicious treat. There’s a chill in the air, but I’m not ready to put sangria away until next summer. I’m just getting started!

Recipe notes:

  • I made 1/3 of the recipe, because I don’t have a vessel large enough to hold the huge quantity of the full recipe. I also don’t need such a huge quantity!
  • I made one batch with apple, grapes, and pineapple, and another batch with lemon, lime, grapes, and watermelon.
  • Instead of citrus rum and vodka, I used plain rum and vodka, and added a splash of triple sec. It added a nice citrus flavor to the sangria.

If you have her cookbook, the recipe is in there with lovely step-by-step photos. You can also find it here on the Food Network website.

I’ve got a lot going on in November! I’ve scheduled a few posts, but I won’t be getting around to everyone’s blogs this  month. I’ll catch up with you in December!



  1. I love sangria – I have only had it in NYC, believe it or not.

  2. I like sangria but find it can get too sweet (which can be good since it limits how much of it I drink). In Spain, I was introduced to “Tinto con limon”, which translates to red wine with lemon but I think it’s made with some sort of lemon soda because there was light effervescence in the drink. It’s refreshing without being too sweet, and diluting the wine with the lemon soda just means it’s easier to drink more!

  3. Oh, not fair, so not fair, I would love to have a glass of this right now and I am in no mood to head to the store for the ingredients. This looks so good!!

  4. I don’t drink that often, but I do enjoy sangria from time to time and this sound fantastic! Love the color.

  5. Sangria is so good! That jug of it looks fantastic! Good luck getting through November, hopefully at least some of it is fun.

  6. Wow, this sangria looks beautiful and sounds like a perfect drink for summer.

    Happy November!

  7. We used to make Sangria often, but haven’t in a long time. I like white Sangria a little better than red.

    Yours looks fabulous!

  8. How did I miss this post? You know I will use any excuse to make sangria and yours looks great. Did I mention I made a blue-green sangria for halloween, with a giant plastic eyeball floating in it? Used white wine, blue curacao and orange juice.

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