Magnolia Bakery’s Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Buttercream

June 25, 2010

Last month, my husband and I went to New York City for a long weekend. One of our stops was Magnolia Bakery, where we sampled some of their famous cupcakes. I knew that Magnolia Bakery had a cookbook and was thrilled to get a copy through my library system. Actually, they have several cookbooks, but the one that I used is called The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook: Recipes from the World-Famous Bakery and Allysa Torey’s Home Kitchen. I whipped up a batch of Magnolia’s Chocolate Cupcakes and topped them with Chocolate Buttercream.

Since I didn’t get to compare mine side-by-side with the real thing, I don’t know how close they were in taste, but I do know that they were very good. I took most of them to work, sent a few to work with my husband, and kept a few for us at home, and there were a lot of comments from happy people.

Here’s the chocolate buttercream before adding the sugar. I don’t know how I managed to get any of this on the cupcakes, because I’d happily eat this straight from the bowl!

If you are making something for chocolate lovers, give these a try. I enjoyed paging through the book, but you can also find these recipes and more on Google Books: Magnolia’s Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Buttercream.


  • I got 24 standard size cupcakes and 8 minis from the recipe.
  • The chocolate buttercream makes a generous amount of frosting (which is good, because it calls for 3 sticks of butter!). I had approximately 3/4 cup left over after frosting all of the cupcakes. If you don’t want so much, you could scale the recipe down to 2/3 of the amount.
  • Michele made Magnolia’s Vanilla Birthday Cake topped with chocolate buttercream. Stop by her blog to take a look – It looks fantastic!


  1. I think I just died and went to cupcake heaven. Jill, these look SOOOO good!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, those look to die for, Jill! I’d have had a hard time resisting that frosting, for sure!

  3. Jill – how great you got to visit there! I’ve got their “Bakery” book and have made the chocolate buttercream (on some peanut butter cupcakes) – heavenly! The best frosting… I’m surprised it DID make it onto those cupcakes! Looks wonderful!

  4. I want to eat that buttercream straight from the bowl too – yum!!! I love NYC – it’s been over 10 years since I have been there now. The friends that I was housesitting for visited NYC while they were in the States on holidays – they have made me envious and I want to go too now!

  5. Those look like they would be the perfect thing to satisfy a serious chocolate craving! We went to Magnolia twice when we were on vacation in New York a couple years ago, it’s definitely worth the long wait.

  6. These cupcakes look like a taste of heaven, Jill. Picture-perfect and oh-so-tempting.

  7. Yum! These look just fabulous and I think you’re so much better at making butter creams than I am. I am definitely butter cream-challenged.

    These would be extra cute with some colored sprinkles… maybe you next order at King Arthur?

  8. Is their Red Velvet cupcake recipe in the book? In the sampling that I’ve done, I think their Red Velvet cupcake is the best.

    • The book has a recipe for a red velvet layer cake; I would think that you could just make that into cupcakes.

  9. That frosting looks fabulous! I have to agree–forget the cupcakes, just give me a spoon! =)

  10. Wow, i have to try to make that frosting =)

  11. Here’s my take on how to make Magnolia Cupcakes – vanilla

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