June 24, 2010

It all started when I was doing some online shopping at King Arthur Flour. They were offering free shipping with a $75 order, so all I needed to do to qualify was spend oh, about $45 more than I intended. One of my unplanned items was this baguette pan. I mentioned it to Michele, who said great, let’s make baguettes and post them together. Three recipes and four batches of baguettes later, here I am.

The last and best batch I made was from none other than a King Arthur Flour recipe. These baguettes tasted wonderful and browned nicely. There is more than one baguette recipe on their site; I used this one. My shaping skills need some practice, so let’s just take a look at a cross-section. I will absolutely make this recipe again! When I baked these, I used the baguette pan and did not have a baking stone in the oven.

King Arthur Flour Baguette

The first recipe I tried, which I’ll call Recipe A, I baked in the pan on top of a baking stone. The bread did not get brown and the inside had much smaller holes. It tasted OK, but was just kind of like a blah bread.

The next recipe I tried, Recipe B, made a lot of dough so I baked it in two batches. The first batch I baked on a baking stone, without the baguette pan. Similar to Recipe A, they didn’t brown and tasted pretty blah.

I refrigerated some of the dough overnight and the next day I baked it in the pan, without a baking stone. This batch turned out a little better, but they weren’t brown enough or tasty enough.

I wasn’t exactly scientific about it, since I tried different methods with different recipes. But I did narrow it down to a recipe that I really like and will make again. My father-in-law made baguettes using the King Arthur Flour recipe, and they look gorgeous. I was tempted to use his photos instead of mine! I have hope that with a few more batches, mine will be just as impressive.

Be sure to check out Michele’s baguettes, and if you have any baguette experiences to share, I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Yum! I think your baguettes look so delicious! I’m glad you found a recipe that you really like!

  2. This all looks fantastic. You have a way with this bread for sure. I’ve been thinking about that pan as well since Michelle recommended it…going on my Christmas list. Great photos of it all, I would love a piece of this…two pieces of this!

  3. WOW. I’m very impressed. My foray into breadbaking has been limited to rolls and the simple loaf or two-you’ve inspired to me to branch out!

    I’d love a piece of this with some herbs and oil-or salted butter.:)

  4. These baguettes look pretty good to me – I’m glad you found a recipe you like. We made baguettes for Daring Bakers back in Feb 08 and I have to say that I didn’t like the recipe much (from one of Julia Child’s books) – but then again, I am not much of a bread eater. I didn’t know you could get a baguette pan – prrety neat. I’d like a nut roll tin – even thoiugh I’ve never made one!

  5. I love how you compared the cross-sections of each loaf, the KA one really does look it got the best crumb. I just checked “The King Arthur Baking Book” out of the library and have been enjoying reading through it.

  6. Oh my! You baked your own baguettes? Très bien! C’est formidable!! I, on the other hand, have not gathered the courage to venture in baguettes or breads yet. Soon though. Soon. Excellent work!

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