Tuesdays With Dorie: World Peace Cookies

February 3, 2009

I think if any food has a chance of promoting world peace, it would be a cookie. I love cookies. They’re my favorite thing to bake and that’s probably because they’re my favorite thing to eat. I’ve heard so much about these cookies that I thought for sure the Tuesdays With Dorie group had made them before I joined. But they hadn’t been picked until Jessica of cookbookhabit selected them for this week’s recipe. You can check on her blog for the recipe.


Speaking of food and world peace, I just finished reading White House Chef by Walter Scheib. Scheib was hired by Hillary Clinton and was the Clintons’ chef for 7 years and then worked for the Bushes for the next 4 years. If you’re interested in some behind-the-scenes stories of the White House and wondering how they pull off those big State Dinners, give this a read. There are also recipes, which didn’t appeal to me for the most part, but George W’s Chex Mix sounds pretty tasty! Unfortunately, there is no dessert talk because Scheib was not the pastry chef.

What I did: The recipe calls for fleur de sel or fine sea salt.  I went to my local Fancy Grocery Store and found some fine sea salt.  I reduced the flour by about 2 tablespoons due to reports of really crumbly dough.  I opted for mini chocolate chips instead of chopping chocolate myself. Call me picky, but I like to have all the chocolate pieces the same size, and that’s not going to happen if I chop it myself.

How it went: The dough came together just fine. In fact, since it wasn’t as crumbly as I was expecting, I wondered if I did something wrong.  Then I tasted the dough and decided that I did nothing wrong! I love dough and this did not disappoint. I shaped the dough into two logs and refrigerated it overnight. When I sliced it the next day, it was a bit crumbly, but not too bad. Slicing quickly with a sharp knife worked pretty well. At 1/2 inch thick, these are a hefty cookie! Hefty yes, but they looked beautiful when I took them out of the oven.

How it tasted: Did I mention that the dough was awesome? I heard the muffled cries of “Jill, come and eat us” coming from those tasty logs of dough in the refrigerator.  I’m glad I didn’t give into the dough, because the finished cookies were delicious. Super-chocolaty, delicate texture, and just a hint of saltiness.

Would I make this again?: Yes! And you should too. Bake up a batch and curl up with a good book, like White House Chef!



  1. They look so beautiful ! Complimenti !!!

  2. Great post, Jill. The cookies look great, and the dough was mighty tasty.

  3. Gotta love a cookie that will be good as dough or in the finished product. I love these cookies in any way shape or form! And thanks for the book tip!

  4. Your cookies came out great good job!

  5. White House Chef…sounds like a must read!

    Your cookies look awesome!

  6. They look great! I love dough, too! Lots of dough…

  7. Very, very nice picture Jill!
    …and you’re right, if anything should bring World Peace, it ought to be a cookie! LOL
    Especially this one… that was just soooo wonderful!

  8. Great photo!

  9. I actually just read an article on the White House Pastry Chef (I believe he was Pastry Chef for almost 20 years and retired about 4 years ago) in a new magazine called “The Food Mag”. It was a great read! Your cookies look delicious! I loved these!

  10. quelle belle photo !Beau travail 🙂

  11. Now I want to go read that book! Your photos look great!

  12. Hi Jill! Your photo is gorgeous…so glad you enjoyed the cookies. And now you’ve got me wanting to read that book!

  13. Delicious! Awesome photos. A chocolate lovers dream cookie.

  14. Thanks for the tip about the book. Sounds interesting!

  15. These cookies would be great with a book…but I would get so distracted, I would eat a whole batch. Glad you liked these!

  16. Your picture of the cookies is wonderful! I had to stop myself from eating the dough too.

  17. Yummy yummy! Your cookies look so good!

  18. Your cookies look great! I’m reading Tender at the Bone right now which is another great food related book.

  19. Your cookies look fabulous. Thanks for the stopping by my blog and complimenting my owl cookie jar.

  20. The cookies look great–Next time I think I will try reducing the flour a bit too because mine were seriously crumbly. And thanks for the book recommendation–I am always on the lookout for new food books!

  21. Little stack of heaven. They do look good.

  22. Hey! I’m glad you could use the tip about WordPress.TV. Also, hats off on you’re posting format with the TWD posts. Really informative! Sometimes I don’t know what to write each week, and you’ve definitely given me something to think about when considering my own TWD experience. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  23. Your dough talked to you too? Ok whew. I thought I was going crazy at first. HAHA. Love the picture of your cookie stack. Glad you enjoyed the recipe!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  24. I love the first picture of the cookies–they look so delicious. The book sounds really interesting. I may have to see if my library has it.

  25. Your cookies look fantastic!

    I’m with you… cookies are my fave 🙂

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