Tuesdays With Dorie: Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins

January 13, 2009

This week’s recipe was selected by Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake (which just happens to be one of my favorite blog names!).  She probably has the recipe posted on her site, and you can also find it on page 6 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.  A savory recipe! This was a nice break after all the holiday goodies.

What I did:  I just made a couple of tweaks to the ingredients.  I cut the sugar in half after reading that this was pretty sweet with the full 3 tablespoons of sugar.  I used half a jalapeno because I didn’t know how hot it would be with a whole one. And I used half real butter and half Smart Balance. I also omitted the cilantro cuz I just don’t like cilantro. Is that more than a few tweaks? I used Penzey’s Chili Powder, which is great tasting and not hot (they have lots of chili powders; I used “Regular”).  For the cornmeal, I selected Bob’s Red Mill Stone Ground Cornmeal. Bob’s makes lots of good grainy items! I bought a bag of Bob’s 10 Grain Hot Cereal for another recipe and I’ve been eating it for breakfast. It’s tasty!


How it went: This came together pretty quickly.  Like other muffin recipes, you mix the dry and wet ingredients separately and then mix them together just until the dry ingredients are moist.  No special equipment needed! I made a few minis for taste-testing, but I could have used all of the batter to make 12 standard sized muffins. They baked in about 17 minutes, rather than the 20 called for in the recipe.


How it tasted: After they cooled, I distributed a mini size muffin to my husband and our neighbor to taste test.  We all gave them a thumbs up, though the neighbor took one bite and declared it not sweet enough.  I thought that was funny, because there was a sweet/not sweet debate on the TWD site.  He put honey on his and I sent some home with him so he could douse them with honey in the privacy of his own home.  I can kind of see sweetening a plain cornbread, but since this recipe has two kinds of peppers and chili powder, sweetening it just seemed odd to me. The stone ground cornmeal added a lot of texture to the muffins, which I liked, but if grainy texture isn’t your kind of thing, then I’d suggest regular cornmeal.  My husband ate another one for a snack and declared “Those muffins are good!”  We had them with dinner and we both really enjoyed them. They’re moist and full of flavor but not overpowering; the red bell pepper is the perfect addition to these muffins and I didn’t think they were spicy at all with half of a jalapeno.


Would I make these again?: Yes. I’ve got a lot more cornmeal to use up! Although I didn’t serve the muffins with chili, they would be great with a nice bowl of chili or they would be great with any meal that needs some pizazz.


  1. I loved the sweet mixed with the spice. 😉

  2. They were yummy with some chili and now that you mentioned it, I want to try some honey on mine, too!

  3. I used the same cornmeal. I really liked the extra crunch.

  4. Your muffins look great! I’m a Penzey’s fan myself and used their Ancho chili powder in these. You can make polenta with your leftover corn meal…it’s yummy and easy!

  5. I added a bit more sugar to mine as I like my muffins sweet.

  6. I used all of the recommended sugar and liked them sweet. But I can see how that wouldn’t be for everyone. I’ll definitely be making these again too. Yours look great!

  7. Well, it seems that we are totally sympatico in our views on these muffins. Mine weren’t actually that hot/spicy either, even with a whole finger hot pepper, but they were quite savory. I do like honey on regular cornbread, but not so sure that would work on the muffins as I made them!

  8. Love the pic of the muffins in the star-shaped basket! But your neighbor putting honey on cornbread, that sent shivers up my spine.

  9. I love Bob’s Red Mill products, but unfortunately I didn’t have any. I just used regular old Quaker. Still delicious, though! Mine had quite a kick because I use ground chipotle chile powder.

  10. I love Bob’s products! Your muffins look wonderful.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog;)

  11. I love Bob’s products!! Your muffins look fantastic and I LOVE that little star basket! Super cute!

  12. Three-quarters of my family liked the muffins, but my husband wasn’t impressed. I used Bob’s Red Mill, though!

  13. I made these plain and they were great!

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